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“A dying man gets to see his family a last time

through the window as fireman use a crane to

hoist family members two at a time into the air”

 www.Mailonline.com 09 April 2020



“Virtual visits and waving through windows have become the norm in care homes” Jill Rennie 22 Apr carehome.co.uk


It is so important that we maintain as much as possible, human contact for elderly residents in isolation. The government and healthcare professionals supporting them, must recognise and respond It to the strain that social isolation puts on residents and their families. Article produced by the B.G.S Society on managing the COVID-19


The concept of visitor pods was originally created by ‘Vis A Vis Haus,’ an innovative German carpentry company. With kind consent from the owner, SafeTime pods have approval to re-create the first of its kind here in the UK. 

“The value of making someones day far brighter in these challenging times, should not be underestimated. I sincerely hope the pods will help to relieve some of the uncertainty & stress faced by the elderly in care, giving them back something to look forward to”

Bruce Martindill - Director ST pods


The SafeTime Pod - Keeping families safely together