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Introducing ‘The SafeTime Project’
The SafeTime Project started as a Covid response, devised by two creatives ~ Bruce Martindill (Tiny house builder) & Emma Joanne (freelance photographer) from Brighton.
The SafeTime concept was born out of the tragic fall-out effects of Covid-19 & the resulting ban on visits to care homes, which has subsequently taken place.
Bruce & Emma (both self employed) found themselves like many others with time on their hands, so decided to use it by giving back to the community, in this time of crisis.
Both were completely moved by the prospect of this terrible situation in homes taking place & could not imagine how difficult a ban must be for loved ones, at this uncertain time?
They both felt compelled to act to find a solution.
So they devised one & call it..
The SafeTime Pod
..the first of its kind in the U.K.
In a nutshell ~ The SafeTime Pod is a stand alone, weatherproof, fully mobile unit, placed outside the home complete with heating, lighting & a hands free communications system intact, allowing families and friends to visit care home residents, without the risk of cross contamination.
Please join the SafeTime Project in our quest to help as many care homes as possible & reconnect families once more...
Check out our facebook page for the most up to date info & images of The SafeTime Project as it develops:
Thank you for your interest!