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   The SafeTime Pod

A safe & innovative solution to the restriction

on visits to care facilities.


The SafeTime Pod

is a sealed visitors Pod allowing family & friends to visit residents face to face, sitting as close as they would experience on a normal visit.

With The SafeTime Pod there is no need for visitors to enter the home; thereby eliminating the risk of spreading infection


Single, Double or Duplex Pods

We offer our standard single SafeTime Pod, which faces an exterior door or window of the home & houses two visitors

Our double Pod is a stand alone unit, housing 2/3 visitors one side of the Pod & resident(s) on the other, accessed by separate doors & protected by a screen in between

Our Duplex Pod does both. Its is a stand alone unit but separates into two single Pods when the need arises, allowing you to double up on visitors



The SafeTime Pod is minimalistic in style with very little for visitors to touch or tamper with.

The surface of the pod is durable & easily disinfected after each visit.

There is no need for visitors to wear PPE, which means a visit via The SafeTime Pod is the closest you will get to a 'normal' visit.


Space & location

Room for 2 x people seated safely inside plus 1 x standing

If outside space is an issue we are able to build a Pod both inside or outside of the home



Our exclusive wireless / hands-free Intercom system, allows for clear communication between residents & visitors & does not need to be touched in order to speak.

Our system works between walls, so there is no need to have a door or window open to the home for a meeting to take place


Heating & Lighting

 The SafeTime Pod is heated with a built in convector heater & lit internally for use in the colder months / evenings



Every SafeTime Pod is fitted with lockable wheels, enabling movement of the Pod on flat level ground, from one location to another



The SafeTime Pod is available for outright purchase or leased for a set period with the option to purchase at the end of the agreement.

Please contact us direct for your own personalized quote